Venice - practical info

Venice - practical info

Going to Venice with kids? In the first post in our Italian Series you’ll find out what we think of going to Venice with kids in the summer, why it’s good to know what ACTV is, and why getting on a water bus to see Canale Grande in the afternoon in the summer is a bad idea. A lot of hints and practical info plus websites about Venice worth visiting – everything tested by us and our kids (10 and 6 years old) at the end of June 2017.

Venice, (it. Venezia) – the icon, the city of canals and gondoliers, one of its kind, known all over the world. One thing about Venice which makes it unique is that most people recognize it just by looking at a photo of a gondolier paddling along the canal. At first I was very skeptical about going to Venice in the summer. I’d read in one of travel blogs that sightseeing with kids in Venice in peak tourist season is a real nightmare, because it’s too hot, too crowded, too …something. It's good that my husband had talked me into taking our kids to Venice because in the end it was Venice they remembered the best out of all the cities we visited during our last holidays.

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