Egeskov Slot part II

Old-growth trees and a hedge maze.

If you want to read more about our last year's visit to Egeskov check this link: Egeskov Slot In part II below you'll find out what a Garden of Life is and what to do in Egeskov if it suddenly starts to rain.

Egeskov Gardens are undergoing constant change, however, some plants and trees have been growing in the same spots for hundreds of years. Can you imagine that the hedge maze (the Old Maze) was created in the 19th century, and has been growing there ever since? As the Old Maze has the value of an “exhibit ” tourists are not allowed to walk into it. If you want to see what the maze looks like, you need to climb a hedge-high platform. Well, for the kids it won’t make a difference whether these hedges are one or three hundred years old. However, I suggest showing the original maze to the kids first and then taking them to check the bamboo hedge maze - this one has been especially designed for tourists visiting Egeskov. Believe me, it’s fun!

Tip: In the very center of the bamboo maze there is a Chinese  tower. You can use the tower to give directions to your family members lost in the maze. There is also a bridge leading to the exit from the maze. Don’t forget it’s very easy to get lost in the labirynth, so think twice before you let small kids run into the maze alone. The smaller the kids the easier they get through hidden holes in the hedge and you’ll be surprised to see that a kid that was 5 metres ahead of you suddenly disappears after one of the turnings, you start running along the path, you can hear your kid calling you, but you can’t find her/him, which is exactly what happened to us. Fortunately, her older brother got to the tower and I managed to find Gu following his directions.

Interesting fact: some of the hedges in Egeskov are 280! years old. 
If you want to see the bird’s eye view of the maze check this link https://www.egeskov.dk/en/old-maze

Musical improvisations

One of the most interesting ideas in Egesov are the instruments in the Garden of Life. Everyone can try their hand at playing these instruments, and believe me even if there are a few people playing improvised tunes, completely independently of one another, you won’t need earplugs. The sounds you’ll hear will remind the sound of wind chimes, very pleasing to the ear.

Downtown Abbey

Even if the weather changes and it starts to rain, you won’t be bored at Egeskov as there is a lot to see in its museums. 
In old stable buildings there is an amazing collection of exhibits in the spirit of the Downtown Abbey series. You can see horse-drawn carriages, cars, bikes, mopeds, agricultural implements, prams, sleighs which take us back in time to the period of 1860–1910. Even the clothes displayed on mannequins are of the period.

I’m not really into classic cars, but if you’re a fan you can’t miss another exhibition: the Classic Car exhibition where you can see an outstanding collection of aircraft and motor vehicles. While those of you who like classic cars explore the Classic Car exhibition, others may check on the display of an amazing collection of dolls. Next to 100 year old dolls with porcelain heads you’ll find Barbie dolls made in the 60s.

Tip: If you want to see the whole Toy Collection, not only the dolls, plus the Titania’s Palace (fairy queen’s dolls house) you have to pay extra. The Toy collection and the Titania’s Palace are located in the Egeskov Palace.

More info on exhibitions here:
photos of Titania’s Palace and other photos of the exhibitions you’ll find on the blog below. I just add that the photos were taken in 2014. In 2016 there were no dolls houses exhibition.

Titania’s Palace

Paying extra around 30 DKK adults and 20DKK kids while buying the entrance ticket you can visit the interiors of the Egeskov Slot. In one of the chambers there is a spectacular miniaturized palace for the faires built to fulfill the wish of Gwendolen, a daughter of one of the previous owners of Egeskov, Sir Neville Wilkinson’s. And now the official story: Gwendolyn supposedly met a fairy queen Titania and other fairies during one of the strolls round Egeskov Gardens and she decided she’d have a palace for fairies built in the Castle itself. We all know what a daddy’s girl’s wish means.( I want it and I want it now!) I know that the kids’ imagination has no limits, but the determination and imagination of Sir Nevile’s seems to be unbeatable. Completing the miniature palace
took 15 years, I suppose the costs must have been high. I doubt whether Gwendolyn ever played with the “Titania’s Palace” I guess, they just left the windows open letting the fairies come back to the palace for the night! Even Hans Christian Andersen dropped in to Egeskov to see the Titania’s Palace (twice) so maybe it’s worth it…

Practical info
Address: Egeskov Gade 18
5772 Kværndrup

website in English:  http://www.egeskov.dk/en

parking the car
There is a huge free parking lot just near the main entrance.

opening hours in 2017

01.09 - 22.10 10.00 - 17.00 (Castle 11.00 - 17.00)

ticket prices

adults >12lat 190DKK plus 30DKK if you want to see the interiors
children 4-12 lat 110DKK plus 20DKK if you want to see the interiors
children <4  free


Check following links
Entrance ticket included in the price


Near Egeskov Slot there is also  a FREE camping site with no typical camping facilities except toilets and bathrooms for which you have to pay extra. There is a 2-day stay limit, and only tents are accepted so it’s really basic. More info here: http://www.egeskov.dk/en/camping

And finally an interesting fact for the most persevere:
HERE you’ll find out how to say Egeskov Slot in Dannish!

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