Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen part II

Info about Tickets and Tivoli Attractions Part II

updated February 2018/ticket prices for  season 2018 (summer season 24 March- 23 September)

For those of you who are planning a visit to Tivoli Gardens, I've prepared a list of questions with some links to Tivoli Website.

Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen
Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen
How much is the ticket to Tivoli Gardens?

In Tivoli Gardens, unlike in some other amusement parks, the price you pay for the ticket is the price of the entrance fee (compulsory) and the price of the ticket for the rides or tokens for individual rides (your choice).

Remember that the entrance fee doesn't give access to any ride. You simply have to pay the fee to enter the park, which, by the way, might be like a budget version of a visit to Tivoli, if you don't want to go on rides.

The prices of tickets giving access to rides are following:

children 0- 3 pay JUST the price of unlimited ride tickets/ the price of tokens for individual rides. If you have more kids under 3 remember that one paying adult can enter Tivoli with up to 4 children without buying entrance tickets for the children.

children 3-7 the entrance fee 50DKK (winter and summer) plus the price of an unlimited ride ticket/unlimited ride plus tickets or the price of tokens.
There are some changes vs last year: for example kids under 8 didn't have to pay the entrance fee before. Now they pay 50DKK . If you buy a 2-day entrance fee, valid on 2 consecutive days, the price is 75DKK for two days.

children over 8 the entrance fee 100 DKK (in winter till 25th of February) and 110DKK in the summer season plus the price of an unlimited ride ticket/unlimited ride plus tickets or the price of tokens. This year there is a new ticket option: a 2-day entrance fee valid on 2 consecutive days. The price is 200DKK.

adults the same as children over 8

Please note that children under 3 pay no entrance fee if accompanied by a paying adult (one adult - maximum four children under 3) If you want to enter with more kids under 3, the 4th child, the 5th and so on pays full entrance fee.

with Copenhagen Card free (once in 24 hours)

Do I have to pay the entrance fee EVEN if I buy an unlimited ride ticket?

Yes, an unlimited ride ticket does not include the entrance fee.

How much is an unlimited ride ticket in summer season in 2018

There are two kinds of unlimited ride tickets:

Unlimited ride ticket plus (which gives admission to VR in the Demon ride - height limit 132cm, and Tivoli's Aquarium - closed in winter) 290DKK

Unlimited ride ticket: price 230 DKK

children aged 0-1 year can go on rides without an Unlimited ride ticket

Is it better to buy tokens for rides or an unlimited ride ticket?

To go on rides you have to either buy an unlimited ride ticket or tokens for individual rides of your kids’ choice. Rides used to cost from 25 to even 75 DKK, which is from 1 to 3 tokens (1 token=25DKK) Now it might be even more expensive.

Look at the photo of the leaflet below.

To have fun, but really have fun in Tivoli we recommend buying an unlimited ride ticket. Tokens for rides make sense if you want to go on 1 or 2 rides only, and you come to Tivoli to see a show or a concert.

Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen height and age restrictions
Tivoli Gardens leaflet with height and age restrictions
Is the ticket to Aquarium included in the price?

Unlimited ride ticket does not give admission to Tivoli's Aquarium, but unlimited ride plus ticket does. Note that Aquarium is closed during winter season.

tickets to Tivoli Aquarium in 2018

children 0-3 free

others 25 DKK (20DKK online)

Aquarium opens at 12.30.

What are all-inclusive packages?

These are tickets you may buy online in advance. They are not valid in the winter season in Tivoli (till 25th of February an on 31st of December 2018).There are two kinds of such tickets: all-inclusive package, and a cheaper one: a plus package. If you’re planning to spend the whole day in Tivoli I think buying a package ticket is a good deal. You’ll get more for less.

What do I get in an all-inclusive package?
Prices updated February 2018

You get all in one i.e.
entrance fee,
unlimited ride ticket or unlimited ride ticket plus for children over 8 and adults,
entrance to the aquarium
a coupon for a meal – fixed children’s menu including dessert and one glass of drink and
a coupon for one ride photo or a balloon

All-inclusive package children (1-7 years): bought online DKK 400 otherwise 465DKK

Adults (8 years +): bought online 535DKK otherwise 620DKK

the link to more info on Tivoli website here

What do I get in a plus package?
Prices updated February 2018

There is a cheaper option to an all-inclusive package: a plus package. In a plus package ticket you get:
entrance fee,
unlimited ride ticket,  a coupon for fastfood, like French fries or burgers and drink
no ticket to Acquarium
no ride photo/a baloon

Plus package children (1-7 years): bought online DKK 315 otherwise 355DKK

Adults (8 years+): online 375DKK otherwise 425DKK

You may check the links below:

More about the prices

Parking the car

3-hour 90 DKK (most expensive 102DKK Axel Towers)
5-hour 150 DKK (most expensive 170DKK Axel Towers)
one day stay 255DKK (Axel Towers) or 300 DKK

Location of car parks an more info https://www.tivoligardens.com/en/billetter+og+aarskort/parkering

Top attractions for 5 year olds (our subjective list)

1. The flying trunk (you go on a slow ride in a box, slowing down a bit more next to scenes from Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales; fairy tale guessing game! Were on the ride 3! times; suitable for small kids)
2. The galley ship (a ride in pirate boats; speeds up; rather noisy)
3. Nautilus
4. The Star Tower
5.The Odin Express
6. Dragon Boats

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