Legoland Billund Denmark

Legoland Billund Denmark

Legoland Billund is, without a doubt,  a cult place for all Lego lovers. It's the second largest tourist attraction in Denmark, just after Copenhagen, and it's visited by around two milion people every year.

Are you wondering how to make the most of your day with kids in Legoland Billund? Have a look at  my Guide to Legoland Billund for families. I'll give you updated practical info and a bunch of tips on visiting Legoland!

The Guide is divided into three parts:
In part ONE, which is the part you're reading right now,  you will find the answers to following questions: 
- Is it a good idea to take teenagers to Legoland in Billund?
- How much are the tickets and
how to get a free ticket for a child?
- What are the opening hours of Legoland in the season 2018?
- On which days Legoland Billund is closed in 2018 ? 

- What is the Queue Barometer, and how long will you have to wait in queues for attractions.  

In two other entries,which could be automatically translated on www.tubylismyzdziecmi.pl,  you'll find more tips on the organization of a visit to Legoland Billund.

In part TWO you'll find:
- a description of attractions for older kids with a top list of attractions made by our son (then 9 years old)
- info on how to cut down the waiting time by using a q-bot
- info on how to get a driving license in Seat Traffic School 

Check the link: Legoland Billund Denmark: Part Two 

In part THREE you'll find the description of attractions for toddlers and preschoolers, you'll be updated on how to meet the Princess and, last but not least, you'll find out how to check whether your preschooler will be able to enjoy the attractions, for example, along with older brothers or sisters. In part THREE I've put a link to the table with age and height limits on the attractions. 

Check the link: Legoland Billund, Denmark: Part Three 


Is it worth and when is it worth? 

Kids love amusement parks and amusement parks and love kids. Your children will certainly be more than happy to visit Legoland.

But ... will Legoland appeal to children of all ages? Well, in my opinion, the best time to visit Legoland is before your child turns 13. And it's not just about a lower ticket price for kids under 13, but in my view Legoland can be simply unattractive and boring to put it bluntly, for an older teenager.  
Of course, you may have heard that everyone will find something interesting in Legoland. Sure, but at least in the Danish Legoland, there are fewer attractions for older children.

guideline for the child's age : Is a child who turns 13, for example, in January, will be entitled to a discount ticket half a year later - for example, in July / August?

The question is interesting because at a Legoland Billund website you'll see that a discount ticket (child) is valid for children aged 3-12 and the next age group: 13-64, pays full price. With such a division children, who have already had their 12th birthday, are still entitled to a discounted ticket until their 13th birthday.

Remember that when you buy tickets in advance you should give the child's age at the time of a planned visit to Legoland. As soon as your child turns 13 - they pay full price just like adults. Similarly, the discount works for seniors too. After 65th birthday, as a senior, you can also get a cheaper ticket. 

Tip: Kids over 13 pay full price, but what about kids over 12, but still under 13?Are they still entitled to a discount? In fact, in Legoland Billund, kids are entitled to a discount till the exact day of their 13th birthday.  SBy analogy you’re entitled to a discounted ticket starting from the day of your 65th birthday. So as you see it’s not the year of your, or your kid’s birthday, but the exact day that counts if we talk about discounts. Remember that by booking online in advance you’ll pay less for the tickets.

Pick the time wisely

Do you like waiting in lines? Me neither. We went to Legoland in July and spent one third of our time there waiting in lines. Well, nobody had told us July is not the best choice for a visit to Legoland. If you look at the Legoland queue barometer you’ll see why. You may check the Queue Barometer here. The QB shows in which months and on which days Legoland is most crowded.

If you still want to visit Legoland in the summer, the second half of August seems to be a better choice, as kids in Denmark go back to school. The drawback of going to Legoland in August is that all Legoland attractions close at 17.00, with the park itself closing at 18.00. Just to compare: in July it’s 20.00 an 21.00. And in August it’s a bit colder than in July.

Tip: To avoid crowds in Legoland try to pick two days during low season.

Waiting Time

Like all top tourist attractions, Legoland is flooded with people in the summer. The average waiting time for the most interesting rides in July was about 20-30 minutes, with the unbeaten record of a 45- minute line for Ninjago the Ride.(The ride itself lasted about 5-7 minutes!)
Tip: In Legoland, estimated waiting time for each ride is displayed on an electronic board placed in front of the entrance to each ride. Don’t forget to check it before you join the line. Obviously, waiting times change during the day depending on how many people are interested in taking each particular ride so if the display shows 45 minutes – I suggest a change of plans!

Ticket prices and opening hours

At Legoland Billund ticket office you may buy one and two-day tickets. If you plan to visit Legoland a few times during a year, there is also a season pass, which entitles you to lots of additional discounts. When it comes to buying tickets, the price depends on the age. Below you'll find regular prices for this season (2018):

kids 3-12 and seniors over 65 (discounted tickets) 
one day ticket 309DKK
2-day 468DKK

adults 13-64  
one day ticket 339 DKK
2-day 438DKK

children 0<3 free

Check all up-to-date info on ticket prices on the official Legoland Billund website HERE.

Opening hours

In 2018 Legoland Billund opens on the 24th of March. What has changed this season, compared to previous seasons, are the closing times which are different on different days. The opening time stays the same all over the season - it’s 10.00. However, the closing time depends not only on the month, but also on the day! For example in the second half of August, Legoland rides close at 17.00, on the 1st and 2nd of August the rides close at 20.00 (just like in July) on other days in August the rides close either at 18.00 or at 19.00. Anyway, check the closing times so as not to feel disappointed and remember that Legoland park itself closes one hour later than the rides.

Two-day tickets

If you’re planning a road trip to Denmark and want to drop in to Legoland, we recommend buying  2-day tickets with the option of Day 2 in Legoland within 6 days from Day 1. It’ll cost you 129 DKK extra but, in my view, the kids will enjoy their second day in Legoland more if there is a break between the first and the second day. It’s like going to Legoland twice, as opposed to spending in Legoland two days running, if you know what I mean. It’s a good solution also for those parents, for whom two days in a crowded, touristy places are too much. 

Tip: Be careful while choosing the date of your visit to Legoland. Legoland Billund in 2018 is closed on all Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays of September, on 24th and 25th of October. The last day in 2018 season on which Legoland Billund is open is the 28th of October.

How to cut costs?


Every year Legoland launches special offers for families. Be it coupons on cereal boxes, promotional offers on the official Legoland website, or leaflets with coupons in Lego bricks catalogues. This season you’ll also have a chance to get a free ticket to Legoland for a child on condition you buy a full price ticket for an adult– all you need to do is find a coupon in a free Lego bricks catalogue available in stores. Two years ago we bought just 2 tickets for adults and got free tickets for our 2 kids. There were lots of families of different nationalities at the ticket office, holding pages torn out from Lego bricks catalogues so it was a widespread promotion.

I suppose if the promotion is launched in one European country, it goes global, so check if in the Lego catalogues available in your countries there is the same promotion as in Poland.
The catch is that the leaflet in the catalogue entitles you to just ONE ticket for a child aged 3-11. In Billund, kids aged 3-12 are entitled to a discounted ticket (in practice kids till the exact day of their 13th birthday)

Where to park your car – Legoland car parks

There are a few large open-air parking lots in the area, one of them is free and others charge a fee of 50DKK per day. It wasn’t easy to find a place to park our car, even though we arrived half an hour before opening time. Remember that you don’t have to pay the fee in advance so you don’t have to waste time and wait in a long line with other people to pay the fee just after ariving. (unless Legoland changes the parking rules)

some info on parking fees and the map of parking lots


Safety first

On entering Legoland in the summer, you’ll be confronted with the crowd so it’s up to you to make sure your little kids stay safe and won’t get lost. At the ticket office you may ask for a wristband for a kid, or take your own wristband on which you’ll write down the phone numer you’re reached at. You may put in a slip of paper with the basic info (name, tel no) in one of your kid’s pockets. It’s not a bad idea to talk with small kids about what to do when they can’t find mummy or daddy – it’s not to scare your little ones, but rather to teach them how to behave and what to do in such situations. 

If you want to find out more about Legoland check my other blog posts and just use google translate.

In Legoland part II you’ll find out what attractions are worth your while, where to stop for lunch and why Seat Traffic School is fun.

In Legoland part III you may find more info on attractions for kids under 5 – tested by our daughter!

I admit automatically translated posts are fun to read. Well, for the time being two other posts about Legoland are just in Polish.

What we liked most was …

Well, the kids liked all attractions in Legoland. Pete (9 year old) enjoyed most driving the car at Traffic School, and loved Lego Star Wars displays. Gu (5 years old) loved Lego brick animals, the Aquarium, and, surprisingly, Ninjago the Ride as she hit a dragon with the power of water or something.. I wasn't knocked out by anything. Maybe it’s because I don’t like crowded places and the crowds in Legoland in the summer distorted my perception of the place…

Some links to websites about Legoland worth visiting  

Lots of pics, in some of them you can see what I meant by "waiting in a 45-minute line" just look at the length of rope barrier cordons!


Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen part II

Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen part II

Info about Tickets and Tivoli Attractions Part II

updated February 2018/ticket prices for  season 2018 (summer season 24 March- 23 September)

For those of you who are planning a visit to Tivoli Gardens, I've prepared a list of questions with some links to Tivoli Website.

Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen
Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen
How much is the ticket to Tivoli Gardens?

In Tivoli Gardens, unlike in some other amusement parks, the price you pay for the ticket is the price of the entrance fee (compulsory) and the price of the ticket for the rides or tokens for individual rides (your choice).

Remember that the entrance fee doesn't give access to any ride. You simply have to pay the fee to enter the park, which, by the way, might be like a budget version of a visit to Tivoli, if you don't want to go on rides.

The prices of tickets giving access to rides are following:

children 0- 3 pay JUST the price of unlimited ride tickets/ the price of tokens for individual rides. If you have more kids under 3 remember that one paying adult can enter Tivoli with up to 4 children without buying entrance tickets for the children.

children 3-7 the entrance fee 50DKK (winter and summer) plus the price of an unlimited ride ticket/unlimited ride plus tickets or the price of tokens.
There are some changes vs last year: for example kids under 8 didn't have to pay the entrance fee before. Now they pay 50DKK . If you buy a 2-day entrance fee, valid on 2 consecutive days, the price is 75DKK for two days.

children over 8 the entrance fee 100 DKK (in winter till 25th of February) and 110DKK in the summer season plus the price of an unlimited ride ticket/unlimited ride plus tickets or the price of tokens. This year there is a new ticket option: a 2-day entrance fee valid on 2 consecutive days. The price is 200DKK.

adults the same as children over 8

Please note that children under 3 pay no entrance fee if accompanied by a paying adult (one adult - maximum four children under 3) If you want to enter with more kids under 3, the 4th child, the 5th and so on pays full entrance fee.

with Copenhagen Card free (once in 24 hours)

Do I have to pay the entrance fee EVEN if I buy an unlimited ride ticket?

Yes, an unlimited ride ticket does not include the entrance fee.

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