Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen

Mix of History and Modernity

updated February 2018

Tivoli Gardens - a must see in Copenhagen, even if you're not fond of amusement parks. Opened in 1843, it’s a place where an old-fashioned carousel with hand-painted horses and elephants adjoins an 86-meter high roller-coaster. It’s a place for both kindergarten kids and teenagers and last but not least a place where even you, as their parents, will have fun too! Sounds good? To find out more about tickets and Tivoli attractions check Tivoli Gardens part II
Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen.
Tivoli Gardens
Is it worth?

Definitely YES. We do recommend Tivoli Gardens as one of the best attractions for kids in Copenhagen. Tivoli Gardens, compared to other amusement parks we've been to, won't overwhelm you with the number of attractions, that's true. But there is something about Tivoli which will make your kids love it anyway.

Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen after dusk.
Tivoli Gardens after dusk.
icing on the cake

Check the time of the late evening show called Tivoli Illuminations. It is a laser light show at the Tivoli Lake. You won’t be disappointed. We watched the show from the bridge, so it’s a good idea to come earlier – the space on the bridge is limited. However, lots of people watched the show on the lake bank, too.

Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen.
Tivoli Gardens lake.
general information and our hints

address: Vesterbrogade 3 main entrance from Bernstorffsgade

The entrance fee to Tivoli is the fee for entering the Gardens only. To go on rides you have to either buy a multi-ride ticket or tokens for individual rides of your kids’ choice.

Height and Age Limits. Just as in other amusement parks there is a height and age limit for each ride. If your kids are small and will go on 2-3 rides maybe you should consider buying tokens. In other cases we recommend buying a multi-ride ticket.

You may check Tivoli rides height and age limits by clicking on the photos of the rides on Tivoli website here: https://www.tivoligardens.com/en/haven+og+forlystelser/forlystelser

Or check the other post: Tivoli Gardens part II where you'll find a photo of a leaflet with height and age limits. The photo was taken in 2016, so recently added rides are missing, however, most of the rides are listed.

Co-rider ticket
If younger or shorter kids want to go on rides they're not yet allowed, because of their height or age,
you have to buy a co-rider ticket for your kid and yourself (or a person at least 14 years old). The price of a co-rider ticket is the same as the price of two multi-ride tickets. So you won't save up anything on this deal.  Your kid will get an extra wristband to show before entering each ride for older kids. The advantage of buying a co-rider ticket is that your child has a wider choice of rides.

What we didn't like...

1. It’s pricey well…but it’s Denmark and everything is rather expensive there.

2. You have to pay an entrance fee even if you don’t want to go on any ride, but you just want to accompany your kids.

3. After buying the ticket you get a wristband... little, sticky strip of paper, a little hand of your kid and …only one chance to place a band round a little wrist, not too tight not too loose. Precision first!

4. Too much of everything squeezed in limited space results in…chaos and visual mishmash add to this golden decorations, lighting and music and you’ll come up with a kind of gimcrack look. But I assure you it DOESN’T matter for the kids – what matters are the rides! Aesthetes may shudder... However, Tivoli looks much much better after dusk.

5. Too many shops offering sweet snacks, lollies, carbonated drinks, sugar sugar sugar everywhere. Take some healthy snacks with you, otherwise your kids will get hyperactive and your day in Tivoli may be a disaster!

More practical info on Tivoli Gardens in part II.

It would be great if you shared your comments on your visit to Tivoli Gardens. We were in Tivoli in 2016 so some things might have changed. So don't hesitate and drop us a comment!

Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen after dusk.
Tivoli Gardens after dusk.


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