Knuthenborg Safari Park - your kids will love it!

If you're planning to take your kids to Denmark, we do recommend spending at least one day in Knuthenborg Safari park. What is unusual about this place is the feeling of being on a safari in Africa, without African heat and bugs swarming around you!

Is it worth?

If your kids love animals - they will be more than happy to visit Knuthenborg! It's the kind of place children under 10 will have fun all day round. I suppose teenagers may like the idea of being on a "safari" on condition the weather is fine. Things that are sure to be remembered by the kids are: driving round the tiger/wolf enclosure and feeding monkeys. For pony lovers - the pony meadow will be like a dream come true!

What we didn't like...

A pity there were no elephants...The talk about tigers in Dannish is ... a misunderstanding unless you speak Dannish.

Extra points for...

The end of June 3pm and...there is just one car ahead at the ticket office (That's what we like!)

Peace and quiet in the picnic area. One can't help but ask: where did all the people go ?

Although we lost track of time, we, and other visitors, were not "invited" to leave the park because of closing time. (wow)

The staff were invisible, I don't remember seeing any guard outside wolf/tiger/monkey enclosures.

Knuthenborg was our first stop on our way to Copenhagen. We got to the park quite late, around 3pm. Maybe because of that, there were fewer visitors than we'd expected, which was great.

In short, the idea is that you drive around the park in your own vehicle or on a motorbike on well prepared, mostly hard-surfaced roads. There are no cages, or enclosures that the kids may know from the zoos (except enclosures for monkeys, lemurs, tigers and wolves) so you get the feeling of being on a safari! We were in the park for just 4 hours, but I'm sure there's a lot more to see and do, so we think it may be a great one day attraction!

Knuthenborg Safari Park ups.. zebra crossing

Knuthenborg Safari Park - close encounters with...donkeys.

General information


children under 3 - free

child (3-11) 17.86 €

adult 30.71 €

You enter the park through Maglemer gate (Knuthenborg Allé 1) and you exit through Bandholm gate. At weekends and during peak season it's possible to enter through the Bandholm gate too (from 10.00 do 13.00).
 We got to the park at the end of June, around 3pm and there was just one more car ahead of us waiting at the ticket office. No crowds, no lines - great! The idea is that you are free to drive wherever you wish, there is no one-way track for visitors. Your only limitation is the closing time of the park.

Knuthenborg Safari Park map

Visiting the park seems to be as safe as going to the zoo, however, you're warned that you enter the safari park at your own risk and because Knuthenborg Safari Park pays a lot of attention to safety, there are a few rules you have to observe being in the park:

* you are allowed to get out of your car only in specially marked spots

* kids under 15 must be acompanied by an adult

* eating and drinking is allowed only outside animal areas , the picnic areas are marked on the map with the pictogram of a picnic table. In the picnic areas we came across, there were plain wooden picnic tables and benches. We didn't see any restaurant, but it doeasn't mean there isn't any.

* before entering the tiger enclosure, all racks for bicycles must be detached

* we didn't have to take off the racks before entering the wolf enclosure

*you are not allowed to open the windows being in tiger/wolf enclosures

* you have to leave the animals you're travelling with outside the tiger/wolf enclosures

I do recommend reading the feeding schedule (different on weekdays and weekends) and finding out what the closing time for the animals that are kept in enclosures is. (lions, wolves, lemurs, monkeys) You have to discuss the priorites with your kids to be sure you are in time to be let in.

Knuthenborg Safari Park feeding schedule 2016

The most interesting part is definitely Africa. On a hot summer day, with clear blue sky, you'll get the feeling of being on a real safari trip, the obvious asset being the lack of insects around. We saw zebras, antilopes, giraffes, rhinos and other African animals grazing very close to the side of the road or crossing the road just ahead of us, which is an amazing experience for the kids. A fantastic thing would be taking binoculars with you, which will allow the kids to get closer to animals grazing in the distance.

Monkey Enclosure

When we got to the monkey eclosure we saw around 12 people waiting in a line and a tractor with two carriages. It turned out we got there just in time for a "snack round." Each of us got a handful of colorful cereals (the ride and cereals included in the price) and we got in. The cariage windows were made of plactic, which happened to be VERY DIRTY plastic and we were to find out why just as the gate opened.

When the tractor drove into the monkey enclosure, most monkeys jumped straight onto the roof or window sills and started to pick the snacks making a lot of noise! We were putting the snacks into a sort of pipe and and the monkeys were taking the snacks out on the other side. Wow, they were quick believe me! The whole thing lasted about 5 minutes, nevertheless my kids said it was great and wanted to do a second round. I don't remember exactly, but the snack round takes place every hour or so...We decided there was no time to spare for waiting for another round and went to the tiger enclosure.

Knuthenborg Safari Park - let's feed the monkeys!

Knuthenborg Safari Park

Wild at heart - tigers!

Before entering the tiger enclosure you have to detach all bicycle racks and take off a car roof box, which may be a bit of a problem. We decided not to enter the enclosure as we had little time and 4 bikes plus a car roof box to take off and later put on again so we chose watching the tiger behind a glass wall.

After getting to the talk point, we saw a tiger sitting opposite the kids. The keeper started to talk about tigers and their habits, and the kids asked questions. I must say all the kids seemed to be interested except ...mine as unfortunately, the talk was all in Dannish, so we didn't understand a word. The talk is probably really fine on condition you speak Dannish.

Knuthenborg Safari Park - a talk about tigers


Our next stop was the wolf enclosure surrounded by a very high net wall. The interesting part is entering the enclosure, as first, you get through gate number one, which is then closed and so you get stuck between the gates. It feels like entering a "danger zone."

Fortunately, you don't have to detach the racks for bikes.
Our kids liked wolf watching very much although they were not allowed to open the windows. One of the wolves walked very close to our car, so obviously opening the windows wouldn't be the wisest thing to do.

Pony Meadow

The last attraction for us in the Knuthenborg Safari Park was a huge Pony Meadow full of ponies, camels and lamas. Kids could get close to animals, stroke and hug a lama (if it's in a good mood) , feed a pony with grass or ...a carrot. For safety reasons, children must be accompanied by an adult.

The final tip: check your shoe soles before getting in your car! The meadow is full of surprises;) I bet you wouldn't like to be surprised by the smell back in your car!

Knuthenborg Safari Park the pony meadow

Knuthenborg Safari Park - the lama posed like a professional model!

address for GPS: Knuthenborg Allé 1, 4930 Maribo


If you wish to stay overnight you'll find information about accomodation on the Knuthenborg website.There are discounts on the tickets to the park if you stay overnight so if you want to spend more time in the area it might be a good idea e.g. for a weekend with kids.

I recommend visiting the website www.knuthenborg.dk for up to date info on openning hours.

For 2017 the openinning hours are as follows (acc to info from their website)

29.04 - 02.07 10.00 - 17.00

03.07 - 06.08 10.00 - 18.00

07.08 - 10.09 10.00 - 17.00

11.09 - 08.10 10.00 - 16.00 (open only on Saturdays and Sundays)

14.10 - 22.10 10.00 - 17.00

Info for dog owners

Dogs must stay in the car in animal areas, but outside animal areas you are allowed to walk the dog - always on a a leash. If you want to drive through the tiger and wolf enclosures you must leave your dog in a designated area near the enclosure entrances.

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