About us

About us

If you look for inspiration or hints where to go with kids, what to see, how to get there and how much it’s going to cost, then you’ve come to the right place. Just the facts you need, no unnecessary chatter. The blog is to be updated, so drop in to check what's new!

I've started this blog with writing about Denmark. Before setting off, I looked for info on places in Denmark worth visiting. I needed clues, hints and practical info on planning the route and all I seemed to get where nice family photos and short descriptions of what bloggers had done or eaten. Frequently, info I found was outdated and completely useless. When we came back from our holiday I came up with the idea of sharing info with other families travelling with kids.
I do hope this blog will make your holiday choices easier!

A few words about our family
We have two kids: Pete (now 10 years old) and Aga called Gu (now 6 years old) and we enjoy spending time actively. If we go on holidays, we prefer to do some trekking in the mountains, take our kids on a bike ride, or go skiing in winter. We prefer camping sites to hotels, and travelling by car to flying, as travelling by car gives us freedom to go in whatever direction we choose.

The phrase which best describes our way of travelling with kids is being on the move.

If you want to add more hints, or correct mine,  don’t hesitate and let me know in the comments or just contact us on acrosseuropewithkids@gmail.com

More posts about Denmark and Italy on the Polish version of the site here www.tubylismyzdziecmi.pl (in Polish). The content is similar, however, on www.tubylismyzdziecmi.pl you'll also find posts about our trekking trips with kids in the Polish mountains.

Every journey starts with a little step...
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